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Roger Dee Crane

First Prize Rhyming Poetry: 2015 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $300

About this Poet:
Roger Crane was born in California, where he still lives. He picked up a pencil and a paintbrush at an early age. He has been an avid reader and writer. In college, he majored in English/Creative Writing, and later became a teacher. He is now retired and spends most of his time writing. Roger writes poetry and fiction, and has just finished an adventure book for young adults. He is working on a book of poetry, with some original artwork.

About this Poem:
I cannot separate nature from nature’s God; there is a melding of faith and nature in most of my poetry. The poem “Eden’s Blooom” speaks about my faith in the ultimate destiny. 

Eden's Bloom

The old ones, gray and silver, fall,
Like leaves on fertile ground;
We all, like blossoms, slowly fade,
Where Eden’s bloom is found.
   Where grows the green and scented vine?
   Where splendor meets decay,
And every flower, dropping, dies
To live another day.

There’s life and death in every seed,
In every breath we hold;
The sheaves are bundled for the fire,
The wheat is ripened gold.
   And there are many lovely things,
   Which give our living worth,
We cannot keep forever, but
Have, falling, blessed the Earth.

For some are called to heavenward,
While others called to stay;
We may not find the hidden cause,
Nor see the end today;
   Those lovely treasures gone from us,
   Which fell upon the sod,
We’ve lost them only for a time
That they may brighten God.

For soon our end is coming too,
A time we shouldn’t mourn;
For death is changed to endless life
When we have been reborn­­­.
   And Eden’s bloom will rise again,
   Immortal, from the “Fall”,
When all the starry hosts proclaim
That Christ is Lord of All!

Copyright ©2015 Roger Dee Crane