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James Beard

Honorable Mention: 2015 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Poet:
Yet discovering the soothing peace and joy of capturing a portion of the mystery of God in Christ via the communique of poetry. This fragile intense literature says more with its unspoken words than with the words of the poem, and that is thrilling. Therefore, I write.

About this Poem:
In pondering the makeup of God and man I realized there is a portion in each of us that is not created. This of non-creation is captured inside this that is created, and that is breathtaking. Thence this poem came to be.

Before Existence—Is

He—of Non-creation, He of is

Before there was, I Am is

Created creation as darkness lay silky on the face of the deep
Oozed Earth-dust into form from vacant hollows of void

Angels pirouetting upwards from smoldering chasms of grace in hush mouth awe, arms out, hovering in space
Stars spangle into being around them

He kneels Him down in prayer sprinkling created sod moist with tears of love to form mudman

Smoothing out mudman's belly, tweaking the navel, nipples, eye sockets

Then bends him low, yea way down low to kiss mudman's face.

He kiss my face! He kiss my face!!
Breathing Non-creation breath into me—and I is! I is! I is!

Oh silver mirror peer me now, look ye back me questing eyes
Non-creation in creation are smiling back this is of life

Yea it is I am creation yet non-creation I am is!!

Copyright ©2015 James Beard