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Valerie Garding

Honorable Mention and Second Place Rhyming: 2014 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $300

About this Poet:
As a five-year-old girl, I confessed my sins to Jesus, and asked him into my heart. Since then He has been closer than my breath. Through both of my parents' illnesses; through the years when I was too "religious" to fit in with my peers, and even through my struggles with doubt and disobedience. He has been with me while my husband and I raised three girls, including two with serious medical conditions. He was there when my daughter's husband died and when we adopted their baby as our own. And He's with me now. I have written poetry since I was very young, and continue to write for my elderly Mother, every week.

About this Poem:
"Tsunami" was written after a trip to the Oregon coast, in 2001. I noticed tsunami warning signs on beaches, and the poem just escaped from my heart. That's how most of them are written: not figured out, but birthed. God answered this prayer by taking me on a new and exciting journey, that continues today.


Tsunami me, Lord.
Not in little waves on my shore
Or tides along my beaches;
But in cataclysmic crashing roar.
Leave nothing where it was before.
Up-end me. Let your waters pour
Over my highest reaches.

Copyright ©2014 Valerie Garding