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Jennifer Galey

Honorable Mention : 2014 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Poet:
I have a growing passion for individuals to receive a greater revelation of the finished work of the cross and the unmerited fullness of grace that encompasses every area of life. My husband Adam and I reside in Pelham, Alabama where we are actively involved in a marriage ministry called Marriage Alive.

Hide and Seek
“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”(Jeremiah 29:13, NIV)

I am not lost in a clutter of anxious thoughts,
the coined phrases cycling through your
cushioned mind, the constant dread of change,
rigid routines that soften borrowed time.

The path of My plan cannot be traced with
the early departure of pink slips; eternal promises
are not creased into paper air planes, trailing crow’s
feet, jet-lagged faith and crashing cloudy dreams.

Sovereign love is not erased when chalk outlines
haunt neighborhood hopscotches, fenced in by
sagging yellow tape where ghostless bodies wear
gaping holes instead of booted button feet.

Caveat emptor: My robes are not for sale—
do not embroider My Logos on the seams
of fig-leaf patterned philosophies that drape
across your fractured window-paneled world.

I do not change costumes in the haloed light of your
scripted rehearsals; My character does not disappear
behind the props of shifting scenes. I am not shaking
with nervous suspense for your staged applause.

The light of My name is not shadowed by
monochrome obituaries and garish gossip columns.
The good news of grace is not always balloon
captioned in bold-faced sermons behind the pulpit.

After vacating the cathedral, you may not hear
chiming church bells, or feel a ripple of ethereal
chills when sheltering the homeless man, but as
you love the invisible, you reach out for My hand.

Copyright ©2014 Jennifer Galey