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Chuck Collins

First Prize : 2014 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $1000

About this Poet:
I was raised around art and literature by a mother who painted every day and encouraged me to read poetry and study Russian literature in college. She taught me to see beyond the obvious into the realm of what C.S. Lewis calls "Narnia" and the Bible calls "the Kingdom." I am blessed to be a preacher and teacher among some wonderfully committed friends. Married for 34 years, Ellen and I have four grown children and two grandchildren (with two more on the way!).

"New Day" was written on one of my annual trips to Amelia Island, Florida to meet with the Covenant Group I have been meeting with for 15 years. It was one of those days when everything around me seemed a little more bright and vibrant than usual.

New Day

The sun arrived as we thought,
first like inquisitive fingers reaching into the darkness,
then crowning on the horizon, squeezing colors from the clouds into the sky
like tubes of paint, until the new day is born.

Only the crazy waited, wondering if it would happen today
as it did yesterday all the way back to creation day-four,
the obvious hand of God in the blue-fading-to-white
sky where it meets the ocean.

The waves slap the sand, palms to fingers,
the grasses on the dunes bend with ordered grace
and freeze first because of their nakedness,
while gulls stall in flight carrying their appetites only.

He signs everything like the painter after he scans his work with one eye
from across the lighted room
making sure he doesn’t miss a single opportunity,
or a poet who pushes hard at the end to wring out all there is.

The shuttle driver asks “How can you miss it?”
as he motions to the ocean that bounces with hunger every morning.
I squint and lean forward to get a better look
because the wind and loveliness keep my eyes from opening fully.

Copyright ©2014 Chuck Collins