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John MacBean

First Prize Rhyming: 2014 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $300

About this Poet:
I am 57 years old and I am employed as a fire/arson investigator. I worked for 11 years as a firefighter but was forced off the trucks by an inner ear disorder and subsequent operation. It was during this low period in my life that I wrote this poem. God was using this period to draw me closer to Himself, and He used this verse in Job: 38:31 to help me remember that He is in control of my life.

When God began speaking to Job and his friends the point He was making is that He is the Sovereign Lord God of the universe. Creator of all things, sustainer of all things, and in control of all things. In Job's day the constellation Pleiades was looked to as a forerunner of summer, Orion, a forerunner of winter. The point God was making is that we cannot enjoy the pleasures of summer all the time, nor can we escape the coming of winter. The comfort is in the cycle presented, Orion is always followed by Pleiades. The trials we face do not last forever. And He knows what we can handle.

(Job 38:31)

The sweet influences of Pleiades
Are fleeting at their best
Escape from Orion’s icy grip
A never ending quest
Pleiades heralds forth the spring
With summer close in tow
Orion warns of winter’s wrath
The perils of the snow

The warm and gentle summer breeze
Is not ours to command
And winters wind will seek us out
And chill us where we stand
Pleiades would be our choice in life
But God knows what is best
He brings Orion’s icy breath
To put us to the test

For patience worketh in us by
Each victory that’s won
The trials shall conform us to
The image of His Son
For this is life, by Gods design
And should it seem unfair
Remember He will never give us
More than we can bear

Above all things be teachable
Amidst the toil and strife
A student apt and pliable
So earn that crown of life
The darkness cedes to morning as
The winter to the spring
He will not leave us comfortless
With joy again we’ll sing

Copyright ©2014 John MacBean