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Sandra Lytzki

About this Christian Poet:
I have lived on Vancouver Island, in B.C. for 36 years, almost all of my life, and have had a few poems published in Island Christian Info, two of which were written shortly after I first accepted Christ at the age of 19. My winding journey has been recorded through the pages of my poetry books detailing motherhood, singleness, and God's inspiring creation that I am blessed to live in.

God the Poet

Brooding, He ponders
The page before Him blank
And then in an instant
Evokes voluminous commands

"Let there be light"
Overthrows the dark
Sun, stars, all galaxies
Enflamed by voice, not spark

With authority, precision
His finger writes in stone
Painstakingly, He elects the Word
Whose symbolism flows

Throughout the pages of
His millenial compilation
Revealing diverse attributes
By myriad translations

Contemplate His works
Reflective of His amplitude
Delve into the depths
And marvel at the Muse.

                   Copyright©2003 by Sandra Lytzki