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Jennifer Galey

Honorable Mention 2012 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Poet:
My husband and I reside in Pelham, Alabama where we are actively involved in a marriage ministry at Healing Waters Church. In addition to poetry, I write marriage devotions for our website, www.thesacredvow.com.

About this Poem:
This poem is dedicated to anyone who has suffered the lossof a baby. Jeremiah 1:5a (NKJV) says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you…” May it bring glorious hope, that if you know Jesus Christ as Your LORD and Savior, you will meet your child in heaven one day.


A heavy downpour arrived unexpectedly,
shrinking the earth by at least an inch.
Through a window veiled with the breath of humidity,
I see a silhouette, blurred by wings, light upon
a newly-sanded sanctuary for birds.
Carefully suspended in mid-air,
a red-throated finch nervously
buries her beak inside the tiny aperture
and swallows a seed before disappearing
into a family of coniferous trees.

In unbelief, I learn how suddenly
mushrooms seem to multiply in silence.
Tangled inside a village of roots,
they grow into their ephemeral existence
beneath a collage of finger-painted leaves,
like flesh-colored monuments
before toppling from the faintest breeze.

The day has grown prematurely dim.
A soft blanket of clouds hides earth
from heaven, and you from me,
but from a distance I can see
the playful sky peaking through
in blushing shades of innocence.
Perhaps when we are properly introduced
there will be a divine hesitance,
sweet as baby’s breath,
before I whisper both our names.

Copyright ©2012 Jennifer Galey