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Charles Van Gorkom

About this Poet:
Charles Van Gorkom is a custom bootmaker and poet who lives and writes and worships in a relatively remote area of Northern British Columbia with his wife and dog. He is no longer young. The following poem looks back on his rich life and celebrates the grace and mercy of his Saviour God.

To Be Made Again

You made me, when mist
hung low on the mountains,
every microscopic droplet
you suspended,
encased every branch and twig,
every needle on every spruce
with crystal frost,

You made me on a night
when moon shone on sculpted
rounded every stone and craig
with shallow valleys
of drifted snow,

this was your promise
to the universe,
that you would shelter, shield,
and cover me to surely grow.

When I fell through the ice,
or lost your trail under
the northern lights,
or stormed from my warm cabin door
without a jacket to snowshoe
in the sweaty moonlight until I dropped
in self pity and despair,
you would be there.

I even heard your angels sing,
opened my eyes to find my table set
in the middle of wilderness
and I dead centre
in a ring of music and light.

The universe has watched,
you have kept your word,
you led me not into temptation,
you delivered me from evil,
but I searched it out,
I studied the stars,
forbidden books
in my library of constellations
and found it anyway,
the Lost City,
faded myself there where only you
could find me, my shadow tracks
erased with freezing rain.

Yet still, on a silent night like this,
a star of hope shines
over Bethlehem,
and I know I am found,
you will make me again.

Copyright ©2011 Charles Van Gorkom