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Christine Tsen

About this Christian Poet:
I am a musical poet who endeavors to write tunefully for the ear and always straight from the heart. My poems are often bittersweet and lyrical, and inspired by my faith. As a cellist, I attended Eastman School as an undergraduate studying under Paul Katz and received my Master's with high honors from the New England Conservatory studying under Colin Carr. More at www.ChristineThomasTsen.com.


She beseeches
Uplifting eyes to his face
Laying before him her secrets, a dozen times over
Withering flames still clinging to her disentangled wings
As with every breath, she unfurls her confessions
They know each other well, she and her Redeemer—

She feels the draw of his haven so familiar
Yet an avian rebel, fodder to the banal world of time
Knows she is often overwhelmed by her foundling wings
Unable to fly, confusion nettling her landscape
She perches in fields of brambles raking at the sky—

A path though, line of sight, stirred by insolent joy
At high speed through the trees
Seeking sanctuary in the calm of his hands
She flies home
A blind rush of birdsong.

Copyright ©2010 by Christine Tsen