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Sandra Lytzki

About this Christian Poet:
I have lived on Vancouver Island, in B.C. for 36 years, almost all of my life, and have had a few poems published in Island Christian Info, two of which were written shortly after I first accepted Christ at the age of 19. My winding journey has been recorded through the pages of my poetry books detailing motherhood, singleness, and God's inspiring creation that I am blessed to live in.

It Finally Clicks

Bombarded by technology
Computer and TVs
Incessant screens
Filter out the sound
Subtle whispers go unheard
My vision falters
My focus blurs
I feel remote
So far from feeling found
I've lost sight of His footprints
Impressed upon the sand
Where He and I would walk together
Me, guided by His hand
He told me there
How much to Him I mattered
More than all the grains of sand
Those stones salt water shattered
I felt the power by the sea
I watched the waves erase
The path where I once slipped
But now the fog has settled in
Encircled me, confined me
I'm left without a choice
I must be still
And wait for Him
To find me
And listen for His voice.

                   Copyright©2003 by Sandra Lytzki