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Don McKinney

Honorable Mention: 2010 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Don McKinney lives with his wife Arviada, son Adam, and daughter Abigail on a small chicken farm in Kansas. He is a trial attorney practicing in Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, representing injury victims of medical malpractice and auto negligence, and he leads worship in a non-denominational Christian fellowship.

About this Poem:
"Glory to Glory" is one of those rare (for me) poems that come virtually all at once in the middle of the night, requiring little revision.

Glory to Glory

Galilee to Golgotha
an easy hour's
drive in light
traffic as birds fly
a leisurely day's
song south of winter
as sandals hike
a dusty week's
walk wandering a stretch
along a river
a three-year tour
of duty defeating
demons disease and death
one generation's span
until a tree falls
across his back
a naked child's lifetime
blooming in blood into
the ancient mighty father
an infinite age's
beginning and end
alpha to omega
everlasting to everlasting

Copyright ©2010 by Don McKinney