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Jennifer Galey

Honorable Mention: 2010 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
I am blessed with a husband who loves me unconditionally. Through his love, I have learned more about God's nature and His passion for us. We have a marriage ministry in Pelham, Alabama.

About this Poem:
Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given Christians to reconcile the lost unto Him. Many times, the Holy Spirit will lead us to pray for people we don't even know. We must move out of our comfort zone, to reach the captives, downtrodden, and diseased. Our prayers are only effective because of the ultimate Intercessor, Jesus Christ.

The Intercessor

He takes his shift when others break
into the comfort of closed eyes,
fidgets through a forgotten street
into the hands of an open café.
Look inside the clammy window
where he pains to bend
his body in a booth,
while others fish for lost
coins fallen from the plate
like crumbs from cushioned pews.

In the smoking section he returns
to the center of puffed shadows
hovering over stub-filled trays
emptying only doubt he lays
his hand, each finger spread out
(like five sunlit rays)
weeps before he prays,
Beauty, arise from ashes!

His eyes burn between the gap
formed by pepper and salt
he blinks to see what others cannot
from the eyes of heaven he espies
not a waitress scratching an order
from memory but rather something
like a tree—a birch lurching,
before falling into pieces.

Listen to the familiar sound
of her notepad as it rips the air
peeling back yet another layer,
revealing fresh despair,
as if rooted in routine
like all her silent prayers
she so numbly believes
have fallen like shredded
whispers to the ground.

The waitress turns around
to fill the cup he holds to share,
emptying his pockets,
his tip adds to the change
that will soon arise,
more than she could ever make—
if buried here three days.

Opening a packet of another
crushed saltine, he drinks
the remnant of his juice
as if in sweet communion
remembering the ones
his Father longs to meet.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Galey