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Laurie Flanigan

About this Christian Poet:
A happily married homeschooling mother of four talented children, I have lived in the south eastern portion of Massachusetts all my life. Although I have had no formal education past high school, I come from a creative, artistic family and enjoy reading, writing and many kinds of learning. Because of a wonderful English teacher, Mr. Tripp, I developed an interest in the art of poetry. For years I wrote occasionally but seldom found ways to share what I wrote. Now, with the encouragement of the resources available through Utmost Christian Writers and a Christian writer's group at the church I attend, I am writing regularly and finding small ways to make my work available to readers. I pray that what I write will be used for the encouragement of others and to proclaim the glory of God.

Morning's Lament

Inspired by Genesis 37:3-35

Gleaming son, favored one
Robed in brilliance
Teaming glares, heated heirs,
Hardened resilience
                                                                            Rising sun,
Torrid stars, jealous scars,
Horrid schemes
“We’ll not bend!”
“Put an end to his dreams.”
                                                                            Cherished One
“Let him pay.”
“Make him see.”
“Strip him; mar his dignity.”

Disbelief, Father’s grief, no relief
                                                                            "What have we done?"

An animal’s blood covered their deeds
but the animal hide
still left an empty pit

To sour
in their stomachs
to ignore

Until the Wheat would fall to the ground

Nothing would be found to end their hunger
Or that of the world

Copyright ©2010 by Laurie Flanigan