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Michael Alexander

Honorable Mention in Category 2: 2010 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $50

About this Christian Poet:
I am a gardener working in France and this is my first attempt at any sort of poetry. Generally, my poetry is just something I make up while pulling weeds or pruning apple trees. Hopefully this will give me both the motivation and courage to do more.

Grace Alone

They come brandishing the law and saying I'm weak
And as they rail my faith starts to creak
I have no defence, no shield or mace
My only protection
The gift of your grace

Yet as I stand here, my weakness revealed
They delight in my failure and demand that I yield
I continue to struggle and bear my disgrace
My only protection
The gift of your grace

And for my destruction those hypocrites roar
Hell, fire, brimstone and maybe much more
I've lost many things, my prestige, my face
My only protection
The gift of your grace

And even as they fight to cast the first stone
I look for support but find I'm alone
My friends they have left me, deserted this place
My only protection
The gift of your grace

But now as the frenzy can develop no more
I'll fear not the self righteous, their stones or their law
For though undeserved it was given to me
The gift of you grace
Is what makes me free

Copyright ©2010 by Michael Alexander