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Linda Watson Owen

Honorable Mention in Category 1: 2010 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $50

About this Christian Poet:
Linda Watson Owen lives and writes in Mississippi where she is a pastor's wife and former educator. Linda's poetry has appeared in various print and online venues, including Alive Now, Utmost Writers' Genesis Project, The 316 Journal of Christian Thinking, Haruah, and CrossTimes. Her poem "As Fresh as Heaven Fair" was among winners in the 2008 Christian Publisher's Poetry Prize competition. Other favorites were winners in the FaithWriters' Challenge. Her weekly poetry column was featured in Ezraweb's "Home for the Christian Family" website. Her latest and most treasured accomplishment is becoming a grandmother to twin boys and also to another grandbaby on the way!

Wisteria's Winter Night

When cold the nights and dark the days as life fades gray with gloom,
I still can breathe spring's warming breeze and touch wisteria's bloom.
Though others may not catch the scent of spring 'neath winter's power,
I rest well in the mystery of life in nature's bower.

I've seen fair seasons turn to grim. I've heard the wind's dread moan.
I've felt the fever of the storm and tasted tears alone.
I've held sweet blossoms in my hands and shared some through my days,
yet others wilted as I watched each petal fall away.

Yes, winter may come with her ice, a frosty chill impart,
But spring is waiting in the wings of faith's dear hopeful heart.
So when the winds of winter blow through gardens of this life,
I wait for faith's sweet fragrance in wisteria's winter night.

"…This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden…" Ezekiel 36:35 NIV

Copyright ©2010 by Linda Watson Owen