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Laurie Flanigan

Second Prize in Category 1: 2010 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $150

About this Christian Poet:
A happily married homeschooling mother of four talented children, I have lived in the south eastern portion of Massachusetts all my life. Although I have had no formal education past high school, I come from a creative, artistic family and enjoy reading, writing and many kinds of learning. Because of a wonderful English teacher, Mr. Tripp, I developed an interest in the art of poetry. For years I wrote occasionally but seldom found ways to share what I wrote. Now, with the encouragement of the resources available through Utmost Christian Writers and a Christian writer's group at the church I attend, I am writing regularly and finding small ways to make my work available to readers. I pray that what I write will be used for the encouragement of others and to proclaim the glory of God.

The Inexhaustible Voice of Glory
Psalm 19

The sapphire sky pours chalices of fluent artistry.
Speech saturates its lavish flasks of chiseled majesty.
Fire's burning brush drips every dawn; awe drapes its arced ascent;
Flames spray an unvoiced descant on the clouds in its descent

Igniting lit decanters filled and over-spilling sweetness
Cascading fresh eternal drafts, and torrents of completeness
So vast, there's not a bard-sought word to rightly scribe its source.
Serf-strongman, flood Earth's dust charred clay, bright bridegroom run your course.

As lenses magnify skilled scenes, refracting shows of light
Which burst night's scattered darkness with great spectacles of sight,
A cast of worlds displays a ribbon dance beyond our reach
Ethereal expositors, grand thespians of speech

Unbounded in uniqueness like snow's varied crystal lace
They splash majestic brilliance strewing banners into space,
And starkness yields as light reveals the strength seen in the hand
Which spans and wields infinity with infinite command.

No douse can quench the death in me like breath drawn from this well
Which hand-clefts canyon trenches, spires and spins the ocean's swell.
It reins the striking forces of this harnessed escapade
To soar them free as captives of the voice by which they're made.

The law of God is eloquence, its might inscribes the days,
And captions nights' expansive epic-showering arrays.
Each burning constellation turns to make the simple wise
As truth prevails and lords the trails of giants of the skies,

Numbed sightless by the dusty haze, I ask this vivid spring
To drench my dull drought-muted gaze, release its achy cling,
I steep God's depths, and sip his deep, then lifted to its peaks
I drink-in bracing echo waves, as all creation speaks.

Copyright ©2010 by Laurie Flanigan