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Linda Bonney Olin

Second Prize in Category 2: 2010 Christian Publishers Poetry Prize $150

About this Christian Poet:
Linda Bonney Olin has gratefully enjoyed a creative partnership with the Holy Spirit for many years. A Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church, she has written dozens of skits, sermons, and songs for local churches. Since retiring from full time employment in 2007, she has been working on Christian-themed plays and music, in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

Linda was delighted to find a web site that supports rhyming Christian poetry , which goes hand in hand with the hymns and songs she loves to write. "My Forever Lord" was originally conceived as a song to celebrate the Lord's constant love for our needy souls.

Linda and her husband, both graduates of Cornell University, operate a dairy farm in upstate New York. They have two adult children.

My Forever Lord

Tell me, loving Lord, the promise in your Word:
You, the God who chose to make me, will not leave me or forsake me.
Tell me, once again! I need to be assured.
Though much grief or pain I suffer, though I'm injured by another,
You will never leave me orphaned and forlorn.
You are my forever Lord.

Teach me, holy Lord, the guidance in your Word.
Gently give me your correction as I strive to reach perfection.
Tell me once again! I'm weak and insecure.
You forgive my past behavior and you'll always be my Savior;
I will never be abandoned or ignored.
You are my forever Lord.

Show, eternal Lord, the comfort in your Word,
Flowing through the Bible pages, steadfast love throughout the ages.
Tell me once again the truth I'm longing for.
Let the world be false and hateful; you have proven to be faithful.
You will never change. Of that I can be sure.
You are my forever Lord.

Copyright ©2010 by Linda Bonney Olin