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Sandra Savage

About this Christian Poet:
Sandra Savage was born in Saskatoon and moved to Calgary in 1992. She has studied poetry with Patrick Lane, Richard Harrisson, and Micheline Maylor. She has been published in print at Freefall Magazine and Great Lakes Gazette. She has been published online at Utmost Christian Writers and Verse Daily. Sandra is an avid birdwatcher.

Clergy Desertion

The Maundy Thursday Ceremonies
Solemn Eucharist &
Procession to the Altar of Repose
Calgary, Alberta
April 5, 2007

And after the consecration of The Eucharist
after its distribution to the quiet congregation
And in remembrance of Christ’s last free night
in remembrance of His abandonment by the Apostles
And to the choir’s singing of Psalm Twenty-Two
to their plaintive cry to God, the lights dim
And the clergy discard stole, alb. Clothed only in cassocks
the clergy strip the altar of all ornaments, adorations
functional, decorative, snuff candles, remove chalice
paten, burse, nothing left, familiar, comfortable

the chancel made bare, eternal flame extinguished

And with only the choir’s light left, the clergy leave
through a side door, the choir follows
total blackness

I sit
voices, bodies
guides gone
I feel
my way
past pews
find doors

silent figures
priest, bishop
watch me
no words
of peace
no blessing

moon falls        on snowflakes

Copyright ©2007 by Sandra Savage