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Lochlanina Tobey

Honorable Mention 2010 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Lochlanina lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She sings in the choir, designs quilts, and uses her degree in Compositional English as an excuse to write poetry. To learn more about her visit her blog and her website.

You Might Drown in the Sky

The fir cone with its scales tight, like fish,
holds its seeds close to itself
on apron strings, you might say.
But then you might say a lot of things
you don't mean. You might discuss fishing
lures and fly tying with the man on the plane.
Instead you are silent, mouthing

attempts to breathe, like a fish
in thin air. This evergreen,
like pet store seaweed you might
have bought with that aquarium where
nothing ever lived except the seaweed
amazingly fake but alive, branches

in just that way against the sky.
You might be surrounded by fish
the same shade of spontaneous
as new blue spruce needles
or an early morning western sky
the kind you only ever see
before you adjust to the time difference,

like silver just before it turns black, like
breathing water. You might say, bluegills,
that would be faster, and after all
time is of the essence,
which essence you may never know
but you might have thought

it was something like the smell of fresh water,
a rare commodity, like mercury free fish.
Sunfish they are called, as the blue heron
swallows them like pills. Standing in the pond
its spare frame you might have noticed
is reflected on the surface as standing in the sky.
And you might breathe water.

Copyright ©2010 by Lochlanina Tobey