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Jennifer Galey

Honorable Mention 2010 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Pelham, Alabama with my husband, Adam. I love anything creativeÑwriting, decorating, and lately cooking, thanks to Rachel Ray.

About this Poem:
I wrote this poem while embracing the true meaning of redemption. As humans, we have a need to define and understand. When grappling with Christ's love and grace we subconsciously put boundaries on the infinite. We circle from condemnation to perfectionism, wandering in a spiritual wilderness. Only by speaking His Word into our lives, through faith, can we really experience unlimited freedom.

Message in a Bottle

This morning has been born breeched.

The sun squirms her toes
rays of innocence
protruding out in slow, staggering rows.
I watch day crown into life
but not quite—
with head bottled in pelvic night.

Is that why You dangle just
beyond my reach
or is it the other way around?

My feet tangle in cords of clouds.
I lift my neck to sip the sky,
but find it swallowed by the sand.
It bleeds through the gauze of manna—
each day another layer—
hidden between years
swaddling soil of yesterday
into the cemetery of new fears.

I am still picking sand from between my toes
and crevices that streak my soul.
The number remains a mystery,
fluctuating with breath of tide
and constant pulse of agony.

I pluck the grains one by one…
My goal?
To tweeze a trail through infinity
[a task insane, to feign control]
gather only to re-arrange into
                                           esoteric mounds
but Your grace tumbles down
I gaze in childish reverie
as redemption makes its course
in endless silver rifts from heaven’s stairs
collecting like a slinky in my lap.


And here I am once again
shoveling through yawns of yesterday,
excavating fragile prayers
buried deep within this sand,
another grain to calculate…

But wait.

The grits are just shattered glass—
Death cremated, an inverted flask
forever broken, Your Word spilling
into life, whole when spoken
through mirage to Promised Land.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Galey