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Pat Hegnauer

About this Christian Poet:
Pat Hegnauer has been an acting teacher, producer, actress and director. She founded and produced four theaters in Newport, RI, and acted as artistic director for 2nd Story Theater for twenty years.

Presently she's a playwright and poet. Her plays have been produced in Providence, RI, at Perishable Theater, 2nd Story Theater, and in New York City at The Raw Space, and Tribeca Theater. Her plays have had staged readings at University of Rhode Island, where she won Best New Playwright award in 1996 and 1997, the Middleboro Arts Festival, Middleboro, MA, and the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theater, Providence, RI.

Pat's poems have been published in The Crone's Nest, Scriveners Pen, Moon Dance, The Newport Review, Skywriters Literary Journal, and The Great Swamp Gazette. Her first chapbook, A Few Uncompromised Letters, was just published by the Premier Poets Chapbook series.

Contemplations on the Word, Word

Are we burdened
without words hatching
in the mouth like birds
nested in the sanctuary
of soft pallet and tongue
dreaming of flight?

Do syllables hatched in the trough
between the teeth and glottis
allow us to savor
a taste of logos?

Sounds such as luxuriance,
sonorous and magniloquence
transforms brain chemistry
releasing in poets
a surge of endorphins
sparking nerves and numbing pain.

One vowel
in a necklace of phrases
is a pearl formed and sounded
in the shell of the mouth.

In the beginning
was the word,
and the word was
with God
and the word

God. Do poets perform alchemy
choosing the correct
construct for invocations?

Are articulations meditations,
mantras shape shifting into Om
syllable by syllable?
Are poets praying
unbeknownst to themselves?

Give ear unto my poems, O Lord.
Consider my prayers.

                   Copyright©2003 by Pat Hegnauer