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Marianne Jones

About this Christian Poet:
Marianne Jones of Thunder Bay, Ontarios is Utmost's third International Christian Poet Laureate, serving in 2010 and 2011.

Here, On the Ground

No, I never really got over the loss of you
though to everyone’s relief I’m finally behaving myself.
I make tentative impressions on my days now,
like a child fingerpainting, and am pleased
to see I still have prints, can make a mark with my thumb and fingers.
Life is still sweet and there are new blooms
in my garden with Latin names to learn
and I am noticing again
how the poplar branches undulate in a tango with the wind
while the leaves twirl and make soft sounds
like castanets.

I hear things again:
the sluggish bee sullenly preoccupied with my delphinium;
the waves, pushed by motorboats, reluctantly
slapping the shore;
the sounds of a choir singing spirituals on my tape player;
the snarl of a power saw biting down a tree.

But as you fly ever higher and farther from me
like a kite marking the sky with your brave colours
I stand, ant-like below, knowing
only this slender string connects us
and every tug

Copyright © by Marianne Jones