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Jennifer Galey

About this Christian Poet:
I am a newlywed who lives with my husband Adam in Pelham, Alabama. Although I enjoy writing in all forms, I believe poetry offers the biggest potential for expression.

Museum of Miracles

Behold the mystery, look, but do not touch

Miracles locked, preserved in glass cases
on display to muse, astonish faces
Behold to your right, four thousand are fed,
to your left, Lazarus raised from the dead

Come closer, is that a question I see?
No, this power is not for you or me
Flash your cameras, marvel at the sign,
this one reads: Water transformed into wine

Behold the mystery, look, but do not touch

Religion guards and circles through the night
recording miracles by width and height
Excavate etymology in Greek—
categorize, philosophize, critique

Behold the mystery, look, but do not touch

Gather children, hold them close to your side
cup your palms to mask their curious eyes.
Here is a provoking anomaly:
Peter trusts Jesus to walk on the sea

But from the boxed crowd laced with composure
a boy ducks the velvet-roped enclosure
His innocence paints a smudge on the glass
diverting some stares from the captive class

He whispers a sound, touching heaven's ear
tilting the tourist guide's smile to austere—
whipping through air like ribbons in the wind—
shattering glass from beginning to end

Plucking a splinter from the pile of glass
the guard stands baffled how it came to pass
The laws of physics can never explain
a whisper grinding glass down to a grain—

Behold the mystery, there's power in The Name.

Copyright ©2009 by Jennifer Galey