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Elizabeth Cole

Traditional Rhyming: 2009 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
Elizabeth Cole is native to Seguin, Texas. She has spent most of her educational career developing her skills in writing, poetry and other areas. Elizabeth won her first poetry contests in junior high, and while attending school in Arizona was awarded first place for a poem she entered in a school competition. She has since returned to Texas and will graduate from Marion High School in 2010.

About this Poem:
As I have matured intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, I have developed an increased capability to express my thoughts on any subject—including those of a religious nature—in poetic form. I have also benefited from learning about my Savior, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice for mankind. While pondering these topics this previous Easter, I had only to think of the right words and this poem bloomed into being.

Carve Your Name Into the Cross

Carve your name into the cross—
your grief is what He's bearing,
it's for you He sheds His blood,
it's for you He's caring.

Take a sharpened stone or stick
and mark into the wood.
Do you have splinters? He has worse,
tho' He's done naught but good

for you. So why do you hold back
and gaze upon Him sadly?
Carve your name into the cross:
He bears your burden gladly.

Carve your name into the rock
that no more hides the tomb.
Witness of the Lord's return
and gaze upon the room:

the garments folded, bright as though
His blood had never poured
upon the cloth; the earthen shelf
where His remains were stored,

but now are gone. The Son of Man
is risen from the dead.
Carve your name into the rock,
rejoice, and raise your head.

Copyright ©2009 by Elizabeth Cole