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Pat Hegnauer

About this Christian Poet:
Pat Hegnauer has been an acting teacher, producer, actress and director. She founded and produced four theaters in Newport, RI, and acted as artistic director for 2nd Story Theater for twenty years.

Presently she's a playwright and poet. Her plays have been produced in Providence, RI, at Perishable Theater, 2nd Story Theater, and in New York City at The Raw Space, and Tribeca Theater. Her plays have had staged readings at University of Rhode Island, where she won Best New Playwright award in 1996 and 1997, the Middleboro Arts Festival, Middleboro, MA, and the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theater, Providence, RI.

Pat's poems have been published in The Crone's Nest, Scriveners Pen, Moon Dance, The Newport Review, Skywriters Literary Journal, and The Great Swamp Gazette. Her first chapbook, A Few Uncompromised Letters, was just published by the Premier Poets Chapbook series.

Mr. Domingo's Garden

Between garage and fence
the garden wakes and waits
for Mr.Domingo's attention.

He fawns in her seasons,
adores her harvest and fallow.
She responds greening for love.

Leaves shiver as he nears,
sprout to fruit reaching
to kiss the old man's hands,

soothe the arrogant arthritis
and the thin fiery bone
that digs and seeds and tends.

Tomatoes swoon off stems
falling heavy in his palm,
peas grow attentive on string,

cukes hide for him to seek
in prickly vines tangled
where fat beets jump

purple from the earth
in the morning damp rows.
I hear him recite Italian,

sing opera as he weeds
or waters the evening bed
chanting his daily prayer

bent beside the fence,
then tip his raggedy hat
to a mockingbird's aria.

                   Copyright©2002 by Pat Hegnauer