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Charles Meyrick

Second Prize 2009 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $300

About this Christian Poet:
Charles Meyrick was born in California, and has lived in various States, France, and Japan. He currently resides in Fairfield, CT, where he attends an Anglican church which is part of the diocese of Rwanda.


The face of the waters is cloaked in cadavers
Who float, arms extended towards one another.
The waves crest them skyward for delirious moments
Then drop them back down into shadow-filled troughs.
Driven by currents that pulse underneath,
The corpses collide, entangle, rebound.
Fists punish jaws, hands caress breasts.
Arms link together in a critical mass,
Forming families and tribes and nations of floaters
That last till the next wave creates a diaspora.
Their lack of perspective creates a false hierarchy
With some lifted up and others cast down.
The floaters consider themselves active and vital.
They dance and do battle, embrace and repel,
Oblivious to the currents that drive them,
Attributing purpose to that which is random,
Perceiving progress when waves swell beneath them,
Lamenting their losses when the waters subside.

Some have been pulled out, fished from the water,
Laid out on a deck, had life breathed back in.
They lean on the gunnel and scan the horizon,
Bound for the harbor, the port and then home.
During the voyage they tie ropes to stanchions,
Tossing them out for the lifeless to grasp,
A fruitless endeavor; dead hands cannot catch.
Someone is needed to go out among them,
Cinching their torsos with loops of the rope.
And isn't it needed, for this rescue to happen,
That that someone be able to walk on the water?

Copyright ©2009 by Charles Meyrick