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Richard Handley

Honorable Mention 2009 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $200

About this Christian Poet:
A lost soul—hoping for redemption. Faith is a fragile thing to me in the background of my life, but brought up in the Church of England I do in many ways feel guided by the principles learned from my parents and as a child in Church. I find writing to be therapeutic.

About this Poem:
As with 90% of my output so far this was written in a two month long burst of creativity in the summer of 2009. To write I generally go out into the countryside: to the coast, mountains and moorland, lakes or a country pub—anywhere I feel more alive and I can empty my head of the drudgery of work. Most of my writing is observational of the world around me, but in this case the poem is about what was going on inside me at the time. I think the phrase "be in communion with me" was the root and from that the rest came very quickly.

Read My Words

Read my words, and be in communion with me:
My words are my bread and my flesh—eat of me,
My words are my wine and my blood—drink a draft of me.

Take a Eucharist of me; a holy sacrament of me;
Be at one with me and anoint me with frankincense and myrrh;
Make my soul brimful of your light to guide me.

And I will take a Eucharist of you; breaking your bread,
Drinking your wine; your flesh and your blood,
Lighting the way for your soul, with my light.

And we will be one together; two in one saved by each other,
You, by reading me—understanding me, being comforted by me,
Me, my words being read by you, sanctified and saved by you.

Copyright ©2009 by Richard Handley