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Jennifer Galey

Honorable Mention 2009 Novice Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
I am a newlywed who lives with my husband Adam in Pelham, Alabama. Although I enjoy writing in all forms, I believe poetry offers the biggest potential for expression.

About this Poem:
This poem was written in response to the growing spiritual battle that exists on earth. In allowing the Holy Spirit to reign in our life, we are able to overcome evil with love. As Christians, God has implanted a purpose inside every creation. Although he anoints individuals with different talents and abilities, all were designed to ultimately bring glory to His name.

Shrink the Dark

Wispy breath of cotton braided to hold the flame
of life wreathed tightly in this bottled wax of days,
sovereignly woven together by the Hand of the same.
Each wick hand-picked with suspense to burgeon into spark-

Ignited by one charge, to slowly shrink the dark.

Sweet ambrosial balm gently dripping healing
from each drop filling wounded pores of hollow hearts,
freely spilling from the brim when kneeling,
monogrammed with the seal of love's lone mark-

Ignited by one charge, to slowly shrink the dark.

Darkness searches with spindly sword seeking to unravel
and wet the wick before it's lit, quenching cries that crackle,
before the tear of liquid wax can burnish into flame,
melting voices ear not heard forge under heaven's name-

Ignited by one charge, to slowly shrink the dark.

Though the wax begins to wane, its wick flicks a brighter blaze
of halo light charring the haughty hem of night's train,
dragging through the muddy dredge of moral haze
flaking embers whirring, blurring night and days-

Until the breath from heaven's gate
blows open from our lips of praise,
And with our humble hands we raise-

Ignited by one charge, to slowly lift the light…

Copyright ©2009 by Jennifer Galey