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Abigail Knutson

About this Christian Poet:
Abigail first began writing poems when she was four years old and realized that "tree" rhymed with "bee." She has since learned about the wonderful world of poetic form and its rich host of ghazals, sestinas, and sonnets. Currently living in the D.C. area with her husband and soon to be two sons, she enjoys exploring our nation's rich history, eating peanut soup at Mount Vernon, and experiencing the surprising and daily immediacy of a God who proclaims Himself "Emmanuel."

To Best Grasp the Wrath of God

          Consider not tsunami tidals nor thunder shout
(waves of deafening water just wash out
          pleading voices of the drowned).
Not best found in glinting summit of the spear
          as bodies crumple
to the ground. Accusing history book
          bleeds instances in countless profusion
(many wore God’s wrath
          like a warm cloak over their vengeance).
To understand the wrath of God
          (still not sure I should) picture instead a dad
whispering stern, laughing things into his baby’s
          ear, a little pink shell
curling around his father’s voice. Could this
          warm bundle of genes,
his promised self, be carved
          into a sacrifice? What kind of belief
in wrath commands a father’s hands
          (rough leather cradling newly given skin)
to grasp a knife?
          Bury those bright baby eyes
beneath all of the wrong ever been done.
          Feel the wrath of a God
who would do that to His own small son.
          Can you contemplate the utter hate
for sin that left a baby
          struggling to breath beneath mine
and find you’ve realized
          love instead?

Copyright ©2009 by Abigail Knutson