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Darlene Moore Berg

About this Christian Poet:
I am first a Christian, second a wife and mother, third a physician by vocation and a poet then by avocation. I currently live in Missouri where I practice pediatrics and am a member of the "sandwich generation". I have had a love for the written word from the moment I learned how to read . As part of my education in the middle grades, I was required to memorize one poem a month. Writing poetry for me basically started in high school and has been off and on ever since. Submitting work and having work published has been mainly the last seven years. I have been privileged to have poems in the Christian poetry journals of Time of Singing and A New Song and also The Penwood Review and online in Dayspring.

A Portable Existence
   II Corinthians 5:1 "Our bodies are like tents..."

Nomads we pack our tents daily,
never knowing where we'll stay
the night.

Each tent embroidered with
the work of our lives.
We pack our hopes for paradise...

Shaking out our tents
under an eternal sky,
heaven's watchful eye
we crawl inside our shame,
we murmur the holy name.

The wind blows abandoned tents
—sheets, kiting in the torrents.
We come home into buildings
that never roam.

                   Copyright©2003 by Darlene Moore Berg