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Abigail Knutson

About this Christian Poet:
Abigail first began writing poems when she was four years old and realized that "tree" rhymed with "bee." She has since learned about the wonderful world of poetic form and its rich host of ghazals, sestinas, and sonnets. Currently living in the D.C. area with her husband and soon to be two sons, she enjoys exploring our nation's rich history, eating peanut soup at Mount Vernon, and experiencing the surprising and daily immediacy of a God who proclaims Himself "Emmanuel."


Plan dispersion
Scatter vowels like rain
Confuse consonants
Heavy snow
Thick in the throat
Honey tongued yearning
For ice dreams

Baked clay
Cracked earth
Seedlings slender
Slips of movement
Turn centrifugal
Forced on head
Upside down laughter

Fling constellations
From throats starry
Aphorisms climb
Into heaven’s lap

Wait until map
Stretches tight
Pulled at each corner
Drying skin
Crinkled parchment
Unrolled river
Billows over scroll

Bubbling voices
Mingle dances
Flow faster
Reunite eternity 

Copyright ©2009 by Abigail Knutson