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Malcolm Kestral

About this Christian Poet:
Malcolm Kestral was born in the United States where he was educated in the humanities. He now lives in Argentina where he teaches English literature in a university. He has worked as a book reviewer and has published in various literary journals. He is married and has one child. He is especially interested in Biblical literary criticism of the Western canon.

Solo Eclipse

Cruel parody of tree:
Planks bloom in spikes
to unmake him and
in that moment make him
scarlet as the object which reveals
the color it rejects
from the visible realm
waning like the lost Original man,
running wax from a guttural wick,
anointing hammered limbs—
Sockets disjointed; breath disappointed.

And after, spirit absent as the shade creeping round the sundial's spike,
blocking light to display its path of lacerations

for this parolee to rise,
on doubled knee,
fulcrum of the spirit,
to leverage emptiness
from the eyes.

Not competent
to loop your sandal
in a Coptic ankh,
I claim the life you left,
deposited on my account,
after putting down
my hollow self,
still being replaced
by molten gold
to branch and bud
and resinate.

Copyright ©2009 by Malcolm Kestral