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Violet Nesdoly

About this Christian Poet:
Violet Nesdoly lives in Surrey, B.C. with her husband and is the mother of two adult children. Freelance writing fills her work days. Other poems by her have been accepted and/or published at Utmost Christian Writers, Poets Online (Archive), M. B. Herald, Capper's Magazine, Birds and Blooms, Prairie Messenger, Glad Tidings (Presbyterian) and Time of Singing. Violet's volume of poetry, Family Reunion, is available for purchase directly from her.

Fire Test

Who are these strangers
to command we leave? Right now?
You wear the embroidered robe
I’ll take the pouch.
What about food and drink
our girls’ betrothed?

Why are we rushing
from all we’ve ever wanted—
my beautiful home
the market so handy
your place at the city gate
our hope of grandsons?

Wait. I’m hot and thirsty
out of breath.
This is like those desert days
being led about
by uppity Aunt Sarai
and fanatical Uncle Abe
dusty road, heat
sweaty body, sore feet.

Where are we going?
I’ve had enough of traveling!
I refuse to take another step
turn back to everything
I own, have ever wanted, loved.

Is that smoke on the horizon?
Are those flames?
My house, my things, my dreams
all I have ever lived for!
My beloved Sod—

Copyright ©2009 by Violet Nesdoly