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Lisa Greer

About this Christian Poet:
Lisa Greer is an adjunct teacher of writing, composition, and literature. She also works online for a writing tutoring company. She completed her M.A. in British Literature at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her home is in Brownsville, Texas, with her family. Her hobbies include learning Spanish and advocating for autism. This poem was inspired by her daughter, Gracie.


She is autistic,
and she is five—
full of curiosity
about the shape of
others' bodies
or whether Jesus
lives in the graveyard
(she calls it heaven)
we just passed.

On Father's Day,
her father told her
that God is her daddy, too:
it's like she has two fathers.

She thought about it;
one night during
a sleepy mumbling of
the 23rd Psalm
she asked me:
Is God my mother, too?

Copyright ©2009 by Lisa Greer