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C.B. Anderson

About this Poet:
C.B. Anderson was the longtime gardener for the PBS television series, "The Victory Garden," where he hopes to have been a minor assistant in the provision of daily bread for millions of viewers. His poems have appeared in numerous print and electronic journals based in North America and Great Britain.


Inside their cottage by the pumpkin field,
         the farmer listened to his wife
        explain why she was out of sorts
today: her laceration hadn't healed—
        the one from when the paring knife
        had slipped—and several precious quarts
of milk were lost forever as she wheeled
        the dairy can across the yard
        and tipped it near the kitchen door.
He nodded, more concerned about the yield
        of corn this year. Their life was hard
        at times, and they were almost poor,
but these were stark conditions he had steeled
        himself to long ago. He wiped
        his brow, and then he took her hand—
the wounded one—his own a sturdy shield
        protecting hers. He never griped
        about the meager plot of land
on which the two, together, often kneeled.

Copyright ©2009 by C.B. Anderson