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B. E. Stock

Honorable Mentiion Rhyming Poem: Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $100

About this Christian Poet:
B. E. Stock, a poet from childhood, grew up in Connecticut and moved to New York City at age 15. She received a BA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and studied with Dana Gioia, Alfred Dorn, Rhina Espaillat and others. She has been published in Karamu, U.S. Catholic, We Speak for Peace, Orbis and dozens of other magazines. B. E. Stock has featured in many New York cafes, coordinated readings, and read her work on public access television. She won an Orbis sonnet award for her “Christina’s World”, and a Discovery Award for her long poem, “Sally Jordan”, published by Mellen Poetry Press in 1996. In 2009, she won third place in the Abilene Writer’s Guild contest for her poem, “Grandmother’s Statute.”

Evening Prayer

The bell rings, and the charming ivy climbs
About the walls of that old chapel, where
I spent so many wonder-studded hours,
And yet I will not join my fellows there.

I dreamed I saw a corpse behind the pews
Ignored and stinking. Eucharist went on
And then I saw another, and I knew
They knew, and it was God they had undone.

And they have found me out in every place
Where I could rest a while, and I was weary
Of the whole tale, and climbed into a cave
Where there was much of me I could not carry.

And yet I stand, and wish I could go in
And kneel amid the symbols as before
And hear the music unbefouled by sin
And have the skin, and not betray the core.

Copyright ©2009 by B. E. Stock