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Richard L. Provencher

About this Christian Poet:
I enjoy canoeing and spending time in the great outdoors, God's gift to us. Sitting in the canoe, thinking about life and seeing the natural beauty around Lake Mattatall, 25 Km from Truro, is so refreshing. I spent much time up there for a number of years.

The woods are where I go for spiritual refreshment. It has been my pleasure to have hitch-hiked from Rouyn, Quebec to Vancouver and back, in 1963, a distance of 6,600 miles. I have since driven that route several times. We are so blessed to live in such a scenic country.

Craning my neck to see the fullness of the Rockies, snowball fighting with my son at the Columbia Ice Fields, dipping my fingers in freezing Lake Louise, and snow-shoeing through crunching snow to a winter shack in the Cobequid Hills of Nova Scotia; all form part of God's plan. And my wife, Esther and I are so thankful to play a small part in it.

From a Cabin in the Woods

The lake is a swirling
     ducks swoop

from clouds of gray

speckled trout poking
      their watery skin

mosquitoes tap-dancing
upon the surface

dock creaks, birds sing
evening smiles
a farewell

and loons provide
silhouettes of imagination.

Silence is beauty, and Nature
a friend of memory.

                   Copyright©2003 by Richard L. Provencher