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Nathan Harms

About this Christian Poet:
The sacrifice of Christ allowed God to dump our sin back at Eden's Gate and drive away from it forever.

Taking It Home

God steers His Volvo to the center line
He’s on the road back to the Garden of Eden
The wheels are humming, the pedal aches
His head is roaring with memories
summer vacations, forbidden fruit
He’s got the windows down
the breeze playing hell with his beard
and the radio howls
Wonder where the lions are
God knows
nostalgia is a tree of knowledge
He’s running up glad miles on this bucket of rust
but there’s pain groaning the blues
doubled over in a sack on the back seat
He’s got to drop it back where He found it
Summer ain’t no time for the blues
God knows He’s set his hopes
high on Enchanted Forests, Fairy Castles
and the Lover’s Leap
He’s going to drop these blues at the gate.

Copyright©1998 by Nathan Harms