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Marc Libidinsky

About this Christian Poet:
Marc is a native of Southern California and now resides in Las Vegas Nevada. As he recounts, "Shortly after becoming a Christian in 1984 I prayed and asked God for the ability to write poetry. One evening after an eventful six years God was very gracious and gave me an unction to sing a poem while praying. I have been writing poetry ever since. This poem, written on 3/24/98, is actually my prayer to God for a wife."

Jacob’s Plea

I’ve waited for a smile from her
And longed for her lingering kiss;
I’ve waited watching hours through
As if one blink would miss

Her walking through some door I’d passed
And leave me unaware;
Left behind as if sweet chance
Had judged my need "unfair."

God, You’re jealous for us all.
And I will now admit
I would stumble, even fall,
The day I don’t submit.

Oh—but, God, I have to know,
For mercy, nothing more,
Tell me what I need to know;
Just this and nothing more—

I’ve waited for a smile from her,
Longed for her lingering kiss;
Waited for the hour I’d hear
My name upon her lips—

Can I have her for my wife?
If so, what must I do?
I will pledge You all my life
To love her as you do!

Copyright ©1998 by Marc Libidinsky