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Tom Anderson

About this Christian Poet:
I am a husband, father and grandfather who still desires to see Him, and am still aware of my bankrupt state. I need Him in everything I do.

Settled At Last

Settled at last! My airy
dreams squeezed and pressed down,
like loam worked into clay.
My plans depressed
beneath the Cross—
His plan for my day to day.

Settled at last! Determined
to go on, and let the substance
of my life find shape in His hand.
And softened by tears,
and turned by the years,
Beauty's revealed in the very mundane.

Settled at last! My vision's
clear of haze and Jesus' open arms
invite my open pursuit!
And oh! how I want to be,
all that I can see—
"out of parched ground, a tender root."

Copyright ©2008 by Tom Anderson