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Valerian Plavan

About this Christian Poet:
Valerian Plavan was born in London and grew up in Toronto. After graduating from the University of Toronto, he left Canada to work in Asia and Europe for several years. He also attended the University of Cambridge, UK and the University of Valencia, Spain during that time. His publications include: "Sign of the Capricorn," "Press Play," "A Stone's Throw" and most recently, "The Rain Festival." Valerian
presently lives in Toronto with his trusted canine companion, Morgan.

In the cathedral of a tear

In the cathedral of a tear
sorrow echoes loudly
and desperate hands ally—hear
me—Spirit Almighty!

The stained-glass window—a veiled eye—
stares beyond my meek meddling
towards louder "organ" music—
so—this heart stops peddling.

As many candles as the stars—
as much anguish as light—
who am I to pray amongst these?
Mine's but a speck of plight.

Copyright ©2008 by Valerian Plavan