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Abigail Knutson

About this Christian Poet:
Abigail is an adjunct professor of English and Composition who lives in the D.C. area with her husband and six month old son. They love visiting Mount Vernon, eating peanut soup, watching their son explore the world, and contemplating the majesty of God in the small and surprising things. Abigail's previous work has appeared in The Summit Avenue Review.

Ghazal to Eve

Darkness winks above the treetops and swoops low
Wings brush by as I fall to kindred clay

Grey dreams evoke the void before He spoke
Eternity’s hand inside my chest: bones burning, breaking

Waking feels like being made again
Thoughts push shapes like mountains, blink into the sky

Lying in your breast, my bone calls for me
Lonely male in a soft red cave

Brave silence. No lines to say. Nothing’s been said
Each desire overwhelms my arms and lurching feet

Sweet peaches to lay at your sleeping form
Matching your blush, your lush skin, your curved arm

Disarming eyes like fish jumping from a pond
Instead of fading, ripples widen, strike, beget

Let me lead you to the softest grass
I will find the reddest berries, the Adam who will be yours

Copyright ©2008 by Abigail Knutson

*The ghazal is a pre-Islamic Arabic style of verse. Abigail has used the ghazal structure as an inspiration for her poem.