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Rachel Lerch

About this Christian Poet:
Rachel is passionate about painting the Christian life in images and words. A professional photographer and mother of four, with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, she discovered her love of writing after developing major depression in 2006.  Finding hope in the Lord, as well as an outlet through the creative word, Rachel seeks to encourage the hearts of others by sharing her real-life spiritual experience through poetry and prose.


Forces without push me deeper within
Struggling to survive the tide of my sin

Spun out of control in dark fog as I dive
Far too gone, but for You

I'm alive

Stretched and beaten, I am overcome
Think I am breathing but have come undone

Reach through the fog for some grip as I dive
Freefalling now, but with You

I'm alive

Pathetic wretch, prideful and driven
Without Your death, I am unforgiven

Without Your Life, I am taking a dive
Hopelessly lost, but in You

I'm alive

Smothering fog, thick darkest night
Bound and defeated I give up the fight

My feet hit the Rock, upending my life
Breathless and weeping, forever


Copyright ©2008 by Rachel Lerch