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Jan Wood

About this Christian Poet:
Jan Wood, of Big River, Saskatchewan, is International Christian Poet Laureate for 2008 and 2009.

From Milk to Meat with Trepidation

It is my hope that if I stare up the robes of the disciples long enough they will deliver a surprise and I shall find a woman under one of them.


I would be certain; “leave your soup ladle” wasn’t any harder to say
to a mother-in-law than “leave your nets” to a fisherman.
I would know; it was just an oversight that
invitations to tax collectors were “‘Come’ follow me”
and commands to adulteresses were “‘Go’ sin no more”.
I wouldn’t worry about the mindset of a man
that would attempt to walk on water
but refuse to sit with one that bleeds rivers.
I wouldn’t wonder if it was easier to raise Lazarus from his grave
than to liberate Martha from her kitchen.
I would stop asking why a Roman Centurion was praised
for his faith, requesting blessings on his child
while a foreign woman seeking the same was called a dog
I would not question why Judas a brother-of-betrayal
was chosen when Mary a faithful sister stood longingly at her gate
Wouldn’t even mind not finding my own woman pattern
in the array of whores and cooks and virgins
wouldn’t care so much that I’m a wife like Peter’s
not worth mentioning.
I would reject the thought that maybe, the “bride” is made of men
and I might end up in the kitchen doing dishes
at a same-sex marriage feast.
I would look at my hands and not see an apple.

Copyright ©2002 by Jan Wood