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Lorraine Buck

Honorable Mention 2008 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Originally from Montreal, Lorraine Buck is now living on Prince Edward Island, teaching Religious Studies as a part-time sessional lecturer at the University. She first became interested in Christian poetry when she studied the Oxford Movement as a graduate student and read John Keble’s The Christian Year, an offering of inspirational poetry for each Sunday and holiday of the year. She began writing her own Christian poetry in 2006.

The Prayerful Sower
(based on The Parable of the Sower, Mark 4:3–20)

The sower scatters countless seeds
And each is at the wind's behest;
Some perish in a rocky cleft
Of soil and nurturing sun bereft,
While some the birds ingest.

As Jesus' acolytes we long
To plant and propagate His Seed;
Yet oft' our efforts take no root,
They lie, exposed, and bear no fruit
Or thorns their growth impede.

The Saviour we must supplicate
To see our modest efforts thrive;
Desire alone will not suffice
For Satan lover to lure, entice,
Our downfalls to contrive.

But once we voice our fervid plea,
Against the foe our Lord contends;
Our halting prayers he sanctifies,
Our dwindling legions multiplies,
And Satan's power forfends.

With Jesus as our Husbandman,
We realize a yield untold;
Our seed is sown in fecund ground
And benefits divine redound—
We reap a hundredfold.

Copyright ©2008 by Lorraine Buck