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Rhonda Brown

Honorable Mention 2008 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Before seriously taking up writing, Rhonda Brown taught junior high and high school English for about ten years. In addition to writing poetry, she writes content for websites for Christian organizations. She yearns to see more high-quality writing produced by Christians. 

About this Poem:
For about eight years, I was a volunteer at a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, serving four years as a volunteer counselor and another few years on the center’s hotline. This poem grew out of the stories of many women who endured the pain of choosing abortion, but who found healing in Jesus.

Choosing Points

I saw no hope in bringing you to light—
only ruin—
and voices all around urged
a perceived simplicity of solving,
and so I chose.

But I did not know
choosing against you would be to choose
against myself,
that that tearing in the womb
would so tear my heart,
nor that the day would be
always a turning point,
a time from which to measure,
to split my life in two, before and after.

I chose against you,
and for a long darkness from my choosing
I saw only ruin—
no hope for end to pain.

But other flesh was torn once
on rough wood
to heal my heart.
I found another turning point,
before and after, between dark and light,
and now I measure hope past the ruin.

I will never know who I would have been
if I had chosen you,
but I know who I am now—
child of mercy,
of Him who chose me against Himself.

Copyright ©2008 by Rhonda Brown