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George L. Koynok

Honorable Mention 2008 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
I had been a high school principal and teacher of mathematics, German and Latin for about 30 years. I now run a non-profit corporation which I founded in 1991, and which has grown assets of over one million dollars.

About this Poem:
I have always loved poems and writings containing paradoxes, irony and metonymy, I suppose, because, like the Christian religion, and life itself, such contain true impossibility, the saying of the opposite of what one really means, and the hard task of trying to live a Christian life. A published poet is like Horace who said: "Non omnis moriar." But not like Goethe who said: "Unless you follow the call of dying and becoming, you are but a sad guest on this dark earth." We Christians are different: giving our all not to change, but to the Unchangeable. In writing "Silence," I thought of Socrates, who two hours before death, meditated on his soul's immortality, or Christ, praying for his slayers at dying. Those incidents were true paradoxes and the utmost irony.


Let the world communicate in
Silence—lovers do with touch of
Lip or press of hand, or modest
Moods of minds which meet in love. Hush!
Open wide, World, wombs of life: like
Strength that flames within my soul, like
Flowers brushed by bumble bees, like
Morning fog which wets the trees, like
Sunbeams kissing mist away, like
Lucid stars which flash at night, like
Clouds serene and self-possessed in
Beauty. Let a symphony of
Silence be heard in bird's singing,
Quenching public broadcasts of the
Daily faults of man; so let us
Turn off stupid kinds of worldly
Wisdom; let us view instead the
Unalloyed and sacred fervor
Fretful butterflies make flying
Through chaotic flower fields.—Can
All these voices charm the deaf, put
Life back into our dead bones? Yes!
God is peace eternal. Hush! Let
All communicate in silence!

Copyright ©2008 by George L. Koynok