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Kevin Kriedemann

About this Christian Poet:
"Complicity" was written just after I'd researched and spoken at three high school classes on what Jesus went through physically on the cross. It was born out of a fresh revelation of the fact that before you can appreciate the cross as something done for you, you need to appreciate it as something done by you, and of God's complicity in His own murder.

I'm a 21-year-old South African. I'm in charge of the youth cells and creative arts at a New Covenant Ministries International church in Cape Town called Friends First, where I preach occasionally. I'm also working in film and media and planning to study theology when the money comes through. I've written a screenplay that's been optioned twice, and have worked as a journalist, sub-editor and editor. I'm currently working on a collection of poems, a novel and a non-fiction screenplay.


The sweetest smelling tree in the forest
Was the one I nailed You to
The tree You designed
Just rough enough
To flay a flogged back

The most merciless nerve in the body
Was the one I nailed through
With the metal You made
Just thin enough
To keep two veins alive

The greatest love story in the world
Was the one I mocked You for
With the voice You gave
Just loud enough
For You to pray for me

And die

                   Copyright©2002 by Kevin Kriedemann