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Tyler J. Simmons

Honorable Mention 2008 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Tyler J. Simmons is a junior at Greenville College in Illinois. He likes to write, read, and spend time outside, especially in the fall. Poetry is his way of praising God in every way that he can.

About this Poem:
"Shades of Gray" was written in my attempt to reveal how the world is in need of redemption as much as we are. Jesus came to redeem all of His creation and I can see the world's troubles as much as I can see my own.

Shades of Gray

The world in shades of gray stumbles through the ages
The lions on their thrones and the white doves in their cages
No hint of gold or silver, no hue of green or blue
A bleak and cold creation yearns for something new

I hear it in the wind, as it races through the trees
I see it in the flames, while they're dancing in the breeze
Labor pains, they call them, labor pains of old
And we must wait here, silent, while we watch them all unfold

The stars that light the heavens, the shadow of the night
They're pining for that day when all will be set right
When shades of gray grow dull and then begin to fade
This world can finally breathe and set aside its masquerade

Copyright ©2008 by Tyler J. Simmons